Welcome to Real Health. We are a holistic health care practice offering Total Body
Modification (TBM), kinesiology, and chiropractic care.

Our clients are people just like you, looking to improve their health through natural,
effective solutions. Our personalised approach to health care means each appointment is
unique. Real Health addresses all aspects of life including physical, chemical, and emotional
stressors. Learn more about us below and how we can help you!

Our care helps to reconnect brain and body to allow you to function at 100%, the way you
are supposed to! We are meant to be healthy, happy, and AMAZING! On each visit we look
at your entire system, as you are more than a symptom or condition.

TBM is a way we use to access the body’s bio computer. We take an integrative approach to
restoring the body’s self-regulatory healing capacity by working with the nervous system.
The biological computer of the body is the brain and the nervous system. Disease and ill
health are patterns and programs within the body that are not organized or managed
correctly. TBM helps us change these patterns. Let’s catch these dysfunctions before they
become symptoms.

Chiropractic care addresses the spine and nerve system to allow clear communication
between the brain and the body. A healthy spine and nervous system can help anyone at
any time in their life regardless of age, condition, presence of symptoms. As registered
health care professionals, our chiropractors provide quality chiropractic care, with
rehabilitation and lifestyle advice as needed.

We help people of all ages, at all stages. If you have recently gone through a major health
challenge we can help get your body back online and reconnected. Other people choose
Real Health as their primary form of preventative health care to stay healthy and happy. We
help families, children, athletes, office workers, older adults and hopefully YOU!
Our team has international experience and Real Health has been serving Auckland and New
Zealand for over 15 years. Contact our team to learn how we can help you!

Dr. Bill Donaldson
Dr. Gwei Lee
Dr. Christina Wiggers

Unit 12 / 326 Sunset Road, Windsor Park,
North Shore, Auckland 0632, NZ

Phone: 094893380
Website: www.realhealth.co.nz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realhealthnz/